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Chris Estes | Part 2 - Stories of Hope When Hope Seems Lost

November 08, 2020 Jack Diven Season 1 Episode 7
The Stand Up Podcast
Chris Estes | Part 2 - Stories of Hope When Hope Seems Lost
Show Notes

We have conversations with incredible guests from all over the world. Our guests tell their personal "impossible without Jesus" stories to help our listeners rediscover the world-changing faith they started with.

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Ever felt powerless? I’ve been there. Kick it to complacency and start believing God for life change with the Prayer Guide that got me unstuck. This a comprehensive prayer guide based upon 1 Chronicles 17:16-27. It's a prayer of David's including 5 Key themes, Humility, Worship, Remembering, Asking, & Believing. Diving into this text and these 5 things played a huge part in God releasing me from my anxiety. I'm hoping, it'll be some light in the darkness for you too. If you feel stuck, I believe the next 5 days could life changing for you. Or if you are simply looking for a quick devotional study to dive into the word, you'll want to get in on this action too!

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Have questions for Jack & Ben? Here's your chance to have your question answered live on the Stand Up Podcast. We wanted to hear stories and questions directly from our audience so we decided to make our last episode of the season a Q&A to directly help you rediscover the world changing faith you started with!

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